BreastFeeding or Pumping?

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Feed your baby, must be the scariest duty to set it up when you are expecting a newborn. Since they can’t speak and you have so many doubts it is absolutely comprehensible to search for options. Your body has the same nine months preparing itself to receive the baby so your breast should be prepared to feed your baby. Of course, not everybody is the same, some women have more issues to feed their babies


Whether you choose to pump or breastfeeding you shouldn’t abandon the other way, both of it has benefits to you and your little one. You can set it up with your doctor and establish a nutrition plan.                                                                        

Breastmilk (Breastfeeding or pumping) Vs Formula for babies 

The huge difference is between the breastmilk and the formula because one of them was made in a laboratory and the other one was created by the human body. Feed your baby in a natural way, at least mainly will make you close to your newborn. Physical and psychologically, if your baby obtains the milk directly from you, your body will learn what your infant needs. 

In an amazing and really wise way, the interaction of breastfeeding shows to your brain the little things that it can improve the richness of the milk, the amount and the number of nutrients that the baby needs. The breastmilk, change if the baby grows to adapt itself to the new needings, even if the baby is premature the components are different. Also, if your baby is scared or anxious the breastfeeding can calm him down. So, now you know if your baby wants to eat more it will be something that your brain will catch before you noticed. 



The breastmilk is not free, but let’s say that it is a 2x1. You need to take care of yourself to feed well your baby, but it is all; eat well for you and both of you will feel the wellness all over your days and energies. One of the good things about newborns and new mommies is that they have to go monthly to see the doctor, so he will be on top of your advance and give you feedback about the growth of the child. 

Pumping, on the other hand, help you to the timing and managing. You can’t be around your baby the first year in a row almost never. So, if you pump your breastmilk, you can share the duty of feeding him and keep your life over wheels. Sometimes, the body is not that efficient as it should be, so your flow of breastmilk can be a little bit low, the pumping helps you to increase it and  have a reserve of food to your baby, in case that your brain can’t do anything else to provide more milk (Or your baby eats more than what can you produce). Pumping your own breastmilk help you to have control over the quality of the breastmilk, and assure that no matter the time of the day the food time arrives, you’ll provide to your baby the breastmilk that he needs (And relief for your boobs if you produce a lot of breastmilk).

We are not doctors, but they are here you can have more information 



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