Clean and Moisturize, The Secret of Fresh Face

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No matter what kind of skin type do you have, it is always hard to know how to moisturize after the daily cleaning, some scrub, or even before applying sun protection. What do we say? Because some of us have oily skin, and regardless that we think that we have enough moisture, but whenever you clean your skin, specifically your face, you are removing essential oils. When you remove the dust, dead skin, and the rest of the harmful particles, you set free your skin to do whatever it wants, and that’s why your skincare routine just CAN’T avoid moisturizing. 

We need to begin from inside, drinking around 7 or 8 glasses of water; it will help your skin and body as well. Hydration is the essential beauty treatment; it provides you natural essential oils that will make your hair, tooths, and even your nails look prettier and will make you healthier. One of the essential things that can give you drink the proper amount of water is fight against the aged and look younger.

In the same idea of taking care of your skin and your body as one, we can suggest some natural oils, like coconut oil and olive oil, to protect it from the outside. You can get crazy with it, from your foot to your face, and it will be fantastic for your body, fighting against the aging, the dust and even prevent wrinkles and help you to avoid dark spots. 

In this case, we have a Moisturizer Cream for your face that contains retinol. What is retinol? It is an essential vitamin compound that has more than twenty years in the merch. In the beginning, it was only to treat acne, but then the experts discover that it works incredibly treating the wrinkles, stretch marks, and fade the dark spots of the skin.   


As a vitamin compound, retinol is not one thing by itself. Vitamin A is the real chemical behind all of this. You can find a different variety of retinoids, the component of the mix can classify that, let’s see it: retinyl palmitate is the weakest of the retinoids; then we have retinol, the next most potent and most tolerable; the following in the list is retinaldehyde, even stronger; and adapalene  that is the most robust over-the-counter option that's also specially formulated to treat acne.

 The best makeup you can pursuit is a good skincare routine, at the end of all the layers of makeup and products, it will make you end it up to feel tired and will cost more. The benefits of moisturizing go beyond time, preventing future illness, disappointments, and expensive treatments from giving you back your soft and gentle look.

Tell us about you, and we want to know more about your knowledge and experiences!

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This Mabox Retinol Moisturizer is formulated with a 2.5% Retinol Complex that provides both immediate and long term release to promote radiant skin. It supports natural cell turnover to enhance skin texture and tone. The appearance of lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores are softened, revealing new skin with a youthful glow.

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