The Pregnancy and After Issues

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We don’t have to say anything else

We will begin confessing you; we are not doctors, so any advice and suggestion that we make is just that a suggestion. That disclaimer is the best way to talk about pregnancy; everything is so sensitive and delicate that you don’t know how to go over it without making any mistake or hurt someone.


Pregnancy has to be one of the scariest and exciting things that a woman could live; your body starts to change in and out. First of all, your body threat a bit the fetus as a strange thing, because it takes part of your nutrients and makes a mess with your hormones. Of course, you only will notice it after a while because all of us have a taste of pregnancy each month with the premenstrual syndrome, feeling the breast a bit bigger and heavy, abdominal swelling, and headaches, of course being much more sensitive than ever. But, you’ll have nausea and vomiting (Mostly in the morning) heartburn, frequent urination, and so on. After a couple of months, you’ll notice your body change, and that’s our theme today.   


The skin suffers as nothing in the pregnancy. Keeps a baby inside of you growing, nurturing, and taking care of him (or her, maybe we don't know it for a while) usually took a lot of nutrients and water from your typically consume. That's why when your belly starts to grow, your stomach just stretches out and develop little marks to handle all the new processes while I'd trying to figure out how to not explode. Well, you won’t be blasting, your skin needs to be moisturized to handle the internal changes and the physic ones. The stretch marks will appear when the fiber of your skin breaks, whit a wine color until it becomes white. So it is up to you and your genes the part of your body you will notice. 

And here is where we want to arrive, your body needs help, for sure. Ancestrally, the women’s resorted to belly wrap to help the medium part of the body go back where it used to be. When it is a postpartum belly wrap, it covers more than the belly because of all the changes that even the organs suffer naturally allow the uterus to expand. The postpartum belly wrap supports your pelvis (The lowest part of your torso), the belly and the waist down part. It helps you to recover the posture you had before the pregnancy and all the weight you add to your structure, so your recovery will be passed smoothly.

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Postpartum body shapers are great for post-natural birth AND after a C-section. Helps your postpartum belly get back your pre-pregnancy body shape!

It provides extra back support and corrects your posture. Also known as postpartum belly wrap, postpartum belly band & postpartum belt.

Have you been pregnant? What do you think? We want to know your experiences!



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